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Sourcing resources needed to support your patient can be challenging

The problem for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are increasingly challenged with finding accessible, reliable, and affordable resources for patients in their community. Traditional search engines are not equipped with the technology to efficiently match patients with actionable care that best meets their needs.

Here’s how Searchful solves this problem by easily finding the best resources to support patients needs

Find resources for patients

Select preferred location and narrow your search by

Type of resources needed
Insurance coverage if applicable
Geographic distance

Send curated list of nearby resources to patients

Select from thousands of resources specific to your patient's needs

Choose multiple resources simultaneously
Create a stack of resources with all pertinent information
Your patient will receive a text message with links directly to their resources

Closing the Loop on Patient Outcomes

Make informed decisions based on real-time patient feedback on selected resources

Patient outcomes help all Searchful users to find relevant resources
Understand how your patient interacted with the health resource
Provide a better experience for your patient

Tech behind Searchful

Searchful uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide enhanced search experiences and personalized recommendations. ML algorithms analyze patient outcomes and streamline the discovery of relevant health resources empowering medical professionals to provide better care.

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Outcome based rankings

Searchful prioritizes health resources based on patient outcomes, providing medical professionals with information to make better resource recommendations.

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Personalized Recommendations

Searchful analyzes usage data and feedback to customize recommendations for patients, which helps them find the best resource for them.

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Resource quality assessments

Searchful continuously updates its database of health resources and uses several factors including credibility, relevance and user ratings to provide medical professionals with the most reliable and useful information.

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Helping Providers

Searchful uses provider data and preferences to work most efficiently with Hospital systems and Insurance networks, thereby facilitating the most cost effective journey for the patient.

What Physicians, Nurses, Case Workers and Care Navigators say about Searchful!

“I always get questions from family members and caregivers about which doctors are accepting new patients, or which providers take their patient's insurance. Searchful gives me those answers quickly and easily. It allows me to discharge my patient with peace of mind that they have what they need to succeed in their care when they leave the hospital.”

Ian J, RN

“I find Searchful very productive. It's such a time saver in doing my work, that I can now spend my time guiding patients and answering their questions. The database is comprehensive and I find that the results are easy to sort through and select those that I need for each patient. All case managers need this tool in their day-to-day work.”

Norah S., CCM
Case Manager

“Searchful gives me the confidence that my referrals to patients actually connect them to the right place. Insurance acceptance, appointment lead times and locality are things I don't have the time to look up during my visit with them. Searchful's interface is fast, user-friendly and robust, making actually caring for my patients the focus of my time with them rather than searching the web for the answers I need.”

B. Kumar, MD

Our Partners and Customers

Strong partnerships with healthcare organizations help Searchful to develop a world class product for medical professionals.

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